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An Introduction to Annealing Equipment

An Introduction to Annealing Equipment

Annealing equipment is typically used to apply a heat treatment process that alters the physical or chemical properties of a material. The process involves thermodynamics, which is the diffusion of atoms in a metal at high temperatures in order to break the chemical bond. The aim of this process is to achieve the ductility of the material while reducing the hardness. Annealing equipment prepares the metal for easy workability in order for it to be cut, formed or shaped.

When working with non-ferrous metals like silver and brass, cooling is normally achieved by extinguishing the hot material in water. Ferrous metal requires a gradual process of cooling in a still atmosphere. To attain the desired degree of workability, the annealing process works in three stages.

Annealing Equipment Follows 3 Stages To Complete The Process:

The recovery stage:

This first step focuses on removing any imperfections on the material. This process is achieved by passing the material through low heat in order to soften it and enable easy removal of the flaws.

The recrystallization stage:

This process helps in retaining the deformed grains disrupted during the annealing process of dislocation. As a result of the process, renewed strain-free grains are made and replace the deformed grains.

The grain growth stage:

This is the third stage and is a thermally directed restoration process, where the metal is subjected under coarsening of microstructure in order to loosen its original strength.

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