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All You Need to Know About Batch Ovens

February 25, 2016

Batch ovens are used for thermal processing in laboratory and production applications such as curing, sterilizing, drying and aging. They are heated boxes protected by insulated doors, which allow the processing of products in groups or even one at a time. Their sizes vary depending on the type of thermal processing application in question. The normal batch ovens are used in single thermal processing applications. Bench and cabinet ovens are smaller than normal batch ovens, while drive-in/walk-in ovens are larger and used in bigger industrial applications.

The products to be processed are normally brought into the oven in batches, on trucks, racks or carts. The production requirements are either automatically loaded or adjusted manually depending on the desired output. When engineering batch ovens, Eastman manufacturing approaches every project as a partnership with the client, with the aim of sharing the customer’s vision to have a machine that can serve a purpose effectively. Therefore, each project undergoes comprehensive evaluation to get the fine details of the operational capabilities in order to generate a masterpiece. The assessment covers areas such as part configuration, part mass, overall construction, temperature profile, elevation and production goals. We test all our batch ovens in order to guarantee accuracy, safety system performance, and temperature uniformity.

In custom production, the customer’s requirements always take precedence. We take time to listen to the client’s needs in order to deal with their fears, hopes and expectations accordingly. We cater to desired specifications and guide each client with our years of expertise. This goes without saying that all products follow proper IRI, FM, JIC, OSHA, CE, UL, NEC and NFPA requirements. Over the years, we have consistently maintained a distinct competitive edge by delivering a number of patent-protected solutions to the industry. That is why our batch ovens carry an 18 month manufacturer’s warranty from the shipment date.