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All About E-coat Equipment

January 13, 2016

E-coat equipment is used to coat the surfaces of products by the use of electricity. The operation of E-coat equipment is different from that of traditional methods like painting, lacquering, and electroplating. The process uses electricity, and this comes with many advantages which are far better than other methods. E-coating produces a better coat that is corrosion resistant, lasting for a long period of time. It also provides a better and superior grip on the product that can hardly be separated from the surface of the metal. E-coating stands out as superior in terms of its application and its use over any other method of application. It is currently the best method of application, and this is due to its popularity among many manufacturers.

E-coating provides the best cosmetic coating to products. It delivers the best appearance with an even, no-drip coating. The even finish is devoid of pooling, dripping and gapping. E-coat processes offer unbeatable protection and durability. It can withstand salt spray, adhesion, acid resistance and also ultra-violet testing. The length and lifetime of the material it’s adhered to is therefore, extended through this spray. It can be used for a long period of time compared to the other methods. The coat on the top of the product cannot easily be scratched because E-coat equipment offers great adhesion that grips the coat to the product.

Before making a choice on which the company to buy E-coat equipment from, consider individual factors that will help in your buying decision. There are many companies and organizations that handle the manufacturing of E-coat equipment which also include the coating material. A company that guarantees better services including maintenance should be given priority. The company must have operated in the market for a decent amount of time, and have a wealth of experience to back them up. Credibility and the quality of their services should drive your choice as a concerned consumer. E-coat equipment is a great choice when choosing how to coat your equipment, and at Eastman Manufacturing, we have the tools ready to serve and get your job done.