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7 Types of Heat Treating Equipment Used Across Industries

October 06, 2022

Heat treating is a process of using heat to change the properties of metals and alloys. The most common types of heat-treating equipment are furnaces, kilns, and ovens. Each type of heat treating equipment has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before deciding which type is right for your needs.

Common Types of Heat Treating Equipment

Furnaces are the most common type of heat-treating equipment. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used for different applications. The most common type of furnace is the electric furnace. Electric furnaces use electricity to generate heat and are often used for high-temperature applications.

Gas furnaces:
Gas furnaces use natural gas or propane to generate heat. They are often used for lower-temperature applications and are widely popular.
Induction furnaces:
Induction furnaces are another type of heat-treating equipment. Induction furnaces use an electromagnetic field to generate heat. They are often used for high-temperature applications in restaurants and food processing industries.
Box Ovens: 
Box ovens are the most basic type of heat treating oven. They have insulated boxes with heating elements inside. These ovens are typically used for low-temperature applications such as annealing or drying.
Chamber Ovens: 
Chamber ovens are similar to box ovens, but they have a door that seals the chamber, allowing the temperature inside to be better controlled. These ovens are often used for tempering or stress relieving.
Bell Ovens: 
Bell ovens get their name from their bell-shaped design. The chamber is surrounded by heating elements on all sides, providing more uniform heat than a box or chamber oven. Bell ovens are often used for hardening or carburizing.
Continuous Ovens: 
Continuous ovens are designed for large-scale production and can heat-treat parts very quickly. The parts are conveyed through the chamber on a conveyor belt, and the entire process is automated.
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