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6 Considerations Comparing Batch Ovens Vs. Continuous Ovens

August 15, 2016

Industrial processing can’t avoid the use of ovens. May it be for sterilization or any thermal processes, ovens are important in most businesses. That is why businessmen have to consider the right factors in order to get the oven that would be suitable for their operations.

There are two common types of industrial ovens – batch and continuous. Since both can be used in many applications, how can you know what’s appropriate for their needs? Simple! You just have to weigh their strengths and weaknesses.

The six key considerations to look at are as follows:

-        Sizes and Shapes of Samples. If your business requires thermal operations of products that have different sizes and shapes then a batch oven will be best for you. But, this does not mean that continuous ones are no good. They can also process the products however, it must be with systematically.

-        Amount of Samples. Continuous ovens can hold large amount of samples. Rest assured, you can test the whole sample without having to worry about inconsistency. On the other hand, batch ovens can only operate on a smaller scale. That’s why it is titled as 'batch ovens’, samples go in by batch.

-        Cost. A continuous oven is costly. It is more hi-tech compared to a batch oven. A more convenient approach can be one of its advantages but it also puts holes through your pocket especially if you are on a tight budget. Contrary to that, batch ovens are cheaper.

-        Manual Labor. The extra money you save from the initial cost of a batch oven will be tied down to the laborers. It can only hold as much so the next batch must be mounted after the first one is up. It shows that this type of oven is more laborious to handle. On another note, since the continuous ones are more modern and can do thermal processing in large amounts of samples, there would be less need to hire people for mounting and dismounting.

-        Maintenance. Continuous ovens are more complicated to maintain compared to batch ovens. They have lots of operational buttons and the machine is quite big. This means that maintenance will mean an added expense for the continuous variety.

-        Production. If you want fast production with ease and more consistency, then go have a continuous oven. You don’t have to wait for the samples per batch. You meet more demands. However, if the sizes and shapes do not coincide with limitation, then your best choice would be to go for a batch oven.

Make your decision based on your business, budget and quality. Consider all factors.

You can buy thermal processing ovens online and have them delivered at your doorstep in no time. Just look for a professional company that delivers and have your pick. Do not forget to do a little research on the company and take into account their history and delivery or services.