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5 ways a custom industrial oven will save you time and money

5 ways a custom industrial oven will save you time and money

Every business is looking to save cost and maximize production. This is why we want to design a custom industrial oven to meet your specific needs.

Our ovens are designed for efficiency. Aluminized steel interiors transfer heat faster than most other metals, allowing the oven to heat up efficiency. Mineral wool provides thermal insulation to prevent heat from wastefully escaping the oven. Steel framework and carbon-steel paneling provides robust strength and durability. These high-quality specifications ensure that your oven is efficient, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

Beyond the high quality of our products, we also prioritize the individual needs of each client. There are many benefits to opting for a fully custom industrial oven, and we want to share them with you.

Here are 5 ways a custom industrial oven will save you time and money:

A perfect fit – Improve efficiency with an oven that fits the exact size, shape, and configuration you need.

Adjustable settings – A custom oven has settings that can be adjusted for tasks of diverse sizes and capacities without incurring additional costs.

Temperature control zones – Cooling and heating processes are done in different chambers at controlled temperatures. The heating trays can quickly heat products, while the cooling chamber uses ambient air for cooling. As a result, the oven takes less time and saves energy costs.

Upgrades available – We prepare custom upgrades for your unit to meet growing industry demands.

Advanced systems – We provide logging options, remote telemetry, and other monitoring systems. With these technologies, you will always know the status of your product.

Take advantage of growing your business at minimized production cost with Eastman Manufacturing Inc. Your production costs are our central concern that is why we work with our engineers to ensure your company saves money and maximized profit. Our ovens not only meet CSA, AMS2750, and CQI-9 specifications, but support your production needs. At Eastman, the personalized quality of our custom industrial ovens is unmatched.