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5 Different Processes Used in E-Coating

5 Different Processes Used in E-Coating

Getting your metal products coated and painted is much easier these days. With today’s avant-garde technology, coating metal can be done with the use of electrostatic charges. This is done with the help of metal based primers, specifically zinc.


E-coating, also known as electronic coating is a process that uses the principle that opposites attract. Its finished products are claimed to be more durable and resistant to corrosion. This means that e-coated metals are of higher quality compared to those that are painted.

Here are five different types of e-coat equipment and supplies you can find on the market today:

-        E-coat Tanks

These tanks serve two major purposes – containment and circulation. The metal piece needs to be enclosed while being processed so that the fumes or other chemically induced exhaust won’t be disseminated and taken in by the workers. The tanks also protect the environment. The organization of e-coating also relies on the tanks. This means that without it, it would be impossible to start the job.


-        Electro Bath

This type of e-coat equipment contains more or less 85% water and about 20% pure paint. When the metal is submerged in the e-bath, it will react with the elements inside producing colors. The electro bath is also responsible for that glossy feature that looks great.


-        Filtration System

Dirt or any tiny, unwanted particles can ruin the outcome of a coating if it is not eliminated from the metal surface. That is why, before e-coating commences, the filtration system acts on getting all particles removed. It is also utilized in post-coating rinses. Every corner of each part of a workpiece will be thoroughly cleansed. This will add to maintaining that glossy finish.


-        Oven

The last process is done within the oven. After the e-coated metal is colored and rinsed, it is then set to dry in the baked oven for about 20 minutes. Most ovens utilized high temperature, going up to 375F which will need high power. But, there are also some ovens that are limited to 180F.


-        Coating Chemicals

 You must never forget the most important process for e-coat equipment – the coating chemicals. Just like powder coating, e-coating uses special metals. The coating chemicals vary depending on what you are coating to, and what kind of paint you are using.


Thanks to the hi-tech e-coat equipment used in e-coating, the process is reliable and efficient. It is also economical and fast. Its fast-paced efficiency makes it superior over painting. You don’t have to wait for days for the paint to settle into the metal. You only need 20 minutes at the most. If you’re considering e-coating your machines, go with Eastman Manufacturing, the leading expert in e-coating equipment and technology.