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4 Process Tank Materials You Should Know

4 Process Tank Materials You Should Know

Process tanks are large industrial containers that can serve a range of applications in manufacturing. This includes dispensing, blending, mixing, cleaning, as well as short term or long term storage. The tank’s function depends on the type of material it is made of. These tanks can vary in orientation, capacity, dimensions, wall configuration, and placement.


Tank orientation can either be horizontal or vertical. The horizontal units are usually mounted on saddles or stands and equipped with access ports on the top or bottom. On the other hand, vertical process tanks have access ports on the bottom and stand vertically. Depending on the size of your storage or process needs, you may opt for tanks of different capacities. Even with tanks of the same capacity, dimensions can vary to ensure a perfect fit for your manufacturing operation. Wall construction can also affect how the tank will be used. Applications that require higher pressure call for double wall tanks, as opposed to the simpler, single wall tanks. Tanks can be placed either underground or above ground, as needed in your facility. Portable tanks are another excellent option. These have wheels or other devices that allow them to be moved around.


Moreover, process tanks can be made from various materials. The inner linings may vary based on what process is carried out within the tank. The following are some material options: 



Usually, a rolled sheet steel is used for tank construction. Other variations include stainless steel (which can resist corrosion) and galvanized steel (which is treated with zinc for further protection).


Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP)

This material is very lightweight but yet strong, with excellent corrosion resistance properties. It is made from glass fibers embedded in a resin, which can be formed into different shapes.



Similar to FRP, process tanks made of titanium are lightweight and strong. Titanium is preferred for reactions that require extreme temperatures and stresses.


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