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4 Paint Finishing Equipment Your Manufacturing Operations Need

4 Paint Finishing Equipment Your Manufacturing Operations Need

Paint finishing equipment is an essential part of product manufacturing, mainly if you're producing vehicle, medical, or any heavy-duty metal parts and fittings. To ensure you provide top-quality products to your customers, here are four modern paint equipment that you should muster.


Powder Coating Lines

One of the most sought-after paint finishing equipment is powder coating processing lines. These devices create a dense finish on metal products that improve their durability and create an exceptional aesthetic. Most vehicle manufacturers will need powder coating lines in all their operations.



These modern paint finishing equipment use an advanced coating process that guarantees full surface coverage upon application. The results appear similar to powder coating, but it makes surfaces look naturally smooth and as if it was manufactured with the entire component altogether. It reduces touch-up and the need for painting quality checks too.



An alternative to wet painting with acrylic elastomeric or other similar coatings, plating is a great way to add chrome finishes to metallic components. It uses heat and pressure to fuse two metals -- the core component and the plating material. It has a thinner finish than the ones yielded by powder or e-coat processes. Often, plating fades faster than the first two procedures.


Drying Systems

Lastly, you'll need an excellent drying system for your paint systems. Eastman Manufacturing has manufactured many of the most reliable drying systems in North America. We can create a custom drying system depending on the painting equipment and ecosystem you're using.


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