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4 Industries That Rely on Hoist Lines

July 06, 2022

A company cannot run successfully without proper machinery. The right kind of equipment, tools and machinery are the pillars of a successful business. We at Eastman Manufacturing Inc., strive to provide reliable machinery to our clients and assist them in a seamless operation. We manufacture top-notch processing equipment, including custom-made hoist lines

We manufacture automatic programmable hoist lines, and both barrel and rack lines along with multiple rail systems, that are suitable for large and small-scale operations. There are many applications of hoist lines apart from the heating processing industry. Read about them in this blog.

Industries That Rely on Hoist Lines


The construction industry constantly requires transportation and lifting of heavy machinery, raw materials and personnel. It is an unavoidable component at a work site. Lifting or hoisting is performed using various machineries like cranes and hoist lines. 


Manufacturing units are dependent on a plethora of machinery and equipment that ensure smooth and error-free operation. In some cases, the machines and equipment are placed in a position which calls for the need for hoist lines. With the help of hoist lines, you can easily lift raw material, labourers or tools to keep the manufacturing process running.

Shipping and Logistics:

From warehousing to loading and unloading, hoist lines are seemingly the backbone of the logistics industry. Based on your requirement, you can opt for a custom-made hoist line.


Mining is an activity that is performed under extreme conditions. Such conditions make it difficult for mine workers to carry out certain tasks. Like lifting raw materials, transporting equipment, tool and machinery, in and out of a mining rig. Hoist lines make miners' life easy by fulfilling the aforementioned tasks. 
Eastman Manufacturing Inc. is a provider of high-grade hoist lines. We are also known for our top-quality industrial ovens. Contact today!