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4 Factors Affecting the Temperature Uniformity of Ovens

4 Factors Affecting the Temperature Uniformity of Ovens

Temperature uniformity is an important component of an oven’s effectiveness. Conveyor ovens, in particular, rely on temperature uniformity for consistent results. Temperature uniformity is the overall temperature variation in a given oven workspace. The rule of thumb when it comes to uniformity is that the tighter it is, the more consistent product the product is, even though this may denote higher manufacturing costs.

Here are four things to consider when trying to regulate the temperature uniformity of conveyor ovens:

Oven openings: it is very important that oven openings, particularly in conveyor ovens, are properly located. The strategic location of the openings leads to achieving a positive pressure differential which minimizes the introduction of cool ambient air through door seals.

Heat loss via the wall: this has to be minimized as much as possible by having the right insulation thickness, which varies according to the temperature uniformity needed. Unitized construction and special panels help in keeping through-metal loss at a minimum. 

Air distribution: The air passing through the heating elements should be mixed adequately prior to entering the work chamber of the conveyor ovens. This is because fresh air and recirculated air that have not been mixed well will affect oven temperature uniformity.

Air flow: among these four different factors, the most important factor that dictates temperature uniformity is probably airflow as well as the volume of air moving inside the oven. Only when the airflow is uniform and reaches all points can the best uniformity be attained. The most desirable type of airflow is either purely horizontal or purely vertical. Moreover, uniformity is much better with greater air volume. Oven uniformities become more difficult to achieve as temperatures increase, which requires higher airflow fans and motors and more stringent airflow distribution.

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