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4 Easy Ways to Maintain Conveyor Oven Performance

4 Easy Ways to Maintain Conveyor Oven Performance

Conveyor ovens are widely used in baking, industrial operations, and other processes that require high heat treatment of materials and ingredients. However, even the best-made convection ovens can break down over time. 


 How to Ensure Your Conveyor Ovens Perform to Their Fullest Potential:


Seal the Oven Doors Properly

Poorly sealed oven doors can cause many inefficiencies in your processes by allowing hot air to escape. This decreases productivity, especially in baking, and can also result in faulty products. It will also lead to high energy usage, which can result in higher expenses and upkeep costs. All of this adds up quickly over time.

 Intake Fan Inspections

This type of fan aims to introduce heat into the oven and use the rapid-air-movement principle to process items faster than a conventional convection fan can. A malfunctioning intake fan can bring many operational problems and delays, so don't forget to clean out the fan after using the oven. Doing so will help prevent any operational delays in the future.

 Everyday Cleaning

Cleaning ovens daily is beneficial because it helps reduce the risk of malfunctions that trapped debris can cause. Contamination is a huge problem in ovens because it can be very difficult to clean out debris and small matter once they've hardened. With this in mind, your company must train employees to clean the ovens with compatible cleaning equipment. 

Performance Benchmarking

Monitor your oven's heat levels and performance to ensure their adequacy for all your operations. By keeping a record of your oven’s performance, you will be better able to guarantee consistent product quality, avoid unnecessary costs and losses, and prevent potential product recalls. For example, in high-volume commercial kitchens, it has become increasingly common to keep track of the cooking time so operators can make comparisons during later performance checkups.

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