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4 Differences Between Direct and Indirect Gas-Fired Ovens

June 07, 2022

Industrial ovens are used across many large- and small-scale industries. Food processing and baking units depend on such ovens due to their time and cost-efficiency. While there are many varieties of ovens, gas-fired ovens are the most preferred ones. 

On the basis of their use and features, gas-fired ovens are further divided into two — direct or DGF ovens and indirect gas-fired ovens or IGF. Learn more about their distinctive features below.

Major Differences Between Direct and Indirect Gas-Fired Ovens


Heat delivery:
The major difference between direct and indirect gas-fired ovens is the basic fundamentals of how they function. In a direct gas-fired oven, the heat is transferred directly with the help of radiation from the flames, electric resistances and hot surfaces. Whereas, in an indirect gas-fired oven, the heat exchange happens via a radiant unit that uses heat exchangers connected to the burning zone.

Direct gas-fired ovens can generate high temperatures. They are suitable for baking products that require temperatures close to 300°C (572°F). DGF ovens are used in the making of pizza, flatbread, biscuits etc. The application of an indirect-gas-fired oven is somewhat similar to that of its counterpart. However, IGF ovens are notably used in the making of products that do not require direct heat from the source like cakes, confectionery etc.
Start-up time:
Direct gas-fired ovens facilitate rapid start-up as it only needs to heat the air inside the oven. Indirect gas-fired ovens take a slow to medium start-up time as it requires heating the air via the exchanger. DGI ovens have high thermal efficiency as compared to IGFs. 
There is a high risk of food contamination in direct ovens due to the involvement of combustion fuels in case of irregular maintenance. Indirect ovens possess less risk of food contamination. Although, poor maintenance can lead to heat leakage.
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