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4 Clear Signs It's Time to Replace Your Gas Fired Ovens

4 Clear Signs It's Time to Replace Your Gas Fired Ovens

Gas fired ovens are crucial turnkey machines that are essential for aging, drying, sterilizing, and ensuring all manufactured products receive their necessary production requirements that guarantee top-quality results. However, even the best-produced ovens can malfunction over time.


Here are four clear signs it's time to have them replaced:


Using Too Much Power

Just like appliances that age over time, gas fired ovens will consume more resources once it nears its estimated lifespan. If your utilities -- namely your gas costs -- have shot up too high in the last few months, and your equipment's age is beyond 5-10 years, then consider having it replaced soon.


Personnel Spend More Time Troubleshooting

If employees spend more time troubleshooting the gas fired ovens' issues rather than being productive, it's a clear sign it's time to replace your machine when you can. Poor productivity results in problematic logistics if you leave it unattended.


You See Huge Cracks in Its Internal Walls and Floor

Industrial ovens often have insulated ceilings and conveyors. These ensure the temperature is consistent throughout the drying or curing operations to produce your intended product results. However, if you see huge cracks, this can mean heat leakage, which will require drastic repairs that a full replacement can address without problems.


Insulation Leaks

It's possible to fix small insulation leaks with heat-resistant tape to improve your oven's performance. It's a common fix when it comes to similar problems for many businesses. However, this is merely a band-aid solution. Down the line you'll need a permanent conveyor belt or wall replacement, which can be costly, making a brand-new oven more practical.


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