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4 Applications Of Industrial Conveyor Ovens

4 Applications Of Industrial Conveyor Ovens

Different types of ovens are used widely for domestic and industrial purposes. Various oven types have diverse applications. When you decide to invest in an industrial oven, it is recommended to go for a type that is ideal for your specific industrial applications.


Convection, batch, curing, and reflow are some of the common types of ovens used across industries. The many advantages of conveyor ovens make them immensely popular among different industries. 


Following are some applications of industrial conveyor ovens. 


Heat uniformity is one of the prerequisites for the effective curing of materials. The heat generated in the oven accelerates a chemical process that helps a coating bond better to the surface. For example, powder-coated materials are heated inside such ovens to make sure the coating sticks better to the surface. The rubber and adhesive industries, among many others, rely on industrial ovens for carrying out the curing process. 



As the name suggests, this is a process used for getting rid of water and moisture from edible or non-edible products. The use of conveyor ovens for drying is not just limited to the food industry. A conveyor type of industrial oven is ideal for any application that requires dehydrating without damaging the product. 



Since conveyor is a type of industrial oven that offers uniform heat across its chambers, it is ideal for baking. The ability for the temperature to be adjusted to the desired limit makes it ideal even for baking food items without actually burning them. 



Tempering is a thermal heating process used to increase the characteristics like strength and ductility of a material. The steel and glass industry relies on conveyor ovens for tempering. 


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