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3 Various Categories of Process Heating Systems

3 Various Categories of Process Heating Systems

 Process heating is very essential in manufacturing most industrial and consumer products. An industrial oven is commonly used during the heat-treating process. The heating systems can be classified into three major categories and each of these classifications is discussed in detail below. While each system has its own benefits, a combination of these processes can be used as a hybrid system using various heating methods and energy sources. Typically, an industrial oven is often used in a fuel-based heating system for many applications. Ways to enhance heating operations can also be applied to different processes and systems. 

What are the different systems?


Electric-Based Process Heating System

This process heating system is otherwise known as electrotechnologies that utilize electromagnetic fields or electric currents to heat materials in the oven. The heating process can be performed in two different ways - direct and indirect heating methods. Under the direct heating method, the heat is generated within the material either by passing the electrical current through it, inducing the current into it, or exciting molecules within it through radiation. On the other hand, the indirect heating method transfers the heat to the workpiece via convection, conduction or radiation. 


Fuel-Based Process Heating System

Within this heating system, the heat is generated by combusting solid, liquid or gaseous fuel, which is then transferred to the material either directly or indirectly. The most common types of heating equipment used in fuel-based systems include industrial ovens, furnaces, kilns, melters and lehrs. This heating process alone consumes approximately about 17% of the total industrial energy use or equivalent to total production cost ranging between 2%-15%. 


Steam-Based Process Heating System

This last option heating system provides plenty of desirable properties for various process heating applications. Under this system, a huge amount of heat can be transferred at a constant temperature because most of the heat content of the steam is being stored as latent heat. Usually, a steam-based process heating system offers high heat capacity, easy transportability and low toxicity. 


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