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3 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Process Tanks

March 18, 2021

For pharmaceutical, oil and petroleum, and other substance-processing businesses, process tanks are essential. However, even the most high-durability tanks have a limited lifespan and performance, even if reputable fabricators, such as Eastman Manufacturing, use the best materials available.


If you've been using your process tanks for the longest time possible, make sure to pay attention to these crucial signs for replacement.

Poor Ventilation

An enormous part of maintaining process tanks is an in-depth inspection of their ventilation system. Process tank designers have a clear sense of ventilation implementation. However, these tanks handle different substances daily, increasing the chances of dust and debris clogging ventilation pathways.

If your tank maintenance team has done their best to remove ventilation clogs, but your tank still suffers from poor ventilation, it's best to replace it soon. Some local scrapyards can salvage and give you tremendous profit from the remaining usable parts too.


High Chemical Toxicity Levels Despite Cleaning and Maintenance

Virtually every process tank has dealt with varying toxic chemical amounts throughout its lifespan. Therefore, it's no surprise that by their lifespan’s end, toxicity levels remain high, with processors noting heavy chemical residue from previous operations.

While the machine's components are salvageable, only specialist scrappers can recycle the process tank's parts. Now that you need a new process tank, make sure to contact dependable fabricators to manufacture and install your new process tank.


Corrosion and Signs of Weakening Tank Walls

Virtually every process tank uses durable and strong steel and hybrid materials. However, discoloration and corrosion are the first few signs it's starting to weaken. A brand new process tank will show consistent discoloration, but if your tank starts to take on a darker shade, it's best that you replace it.


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