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3 Major Applications of Industrial Convection Oven

An industrial convection oven is known for its large chamber, capable of trapping heat. The key feature of this type of oven is that it uses a fan to circulate hot air to distribute the heat within the chamber evenly. Industrial convection ovens boast many features and applications. 

The convenience of its operation makes it a viable heating option in not just the baking industry but also the automobile and pharmaceutical industry. Check out various applications of an industrial convection oven in this blog.

3 Major Applications of Industrial Convection Oven 


Industrial convection ovens can be used to trigger a chemical reaction on substances spread over the material that is inside the heating chamber. It is widely used for powder coating and painting purposes. The painted surface is run through a convection oven to trigger the bonding of powder coating or the paint over the metal surface. This process is called curing.


Convection ovens are also used to remove excess moisture from the desired surface or material. It is designed in a way where users can alter the heat to the desired temperature that best fits their requirements. It is widely used in food and beverage industries where large batches of foodstuff require even drying.


Just like any other oven, an industrial convection oven serves the prime function of an oven, which is baking. There are many upsides to conducting the baking process in an industrial convection oven. Some of them include large heating chambers, adjustable temperatures, and even heating and baking.
Apart from these three major applications, an industrial convection oven also serves many other purposes like cleanroom and reflow applications. Eastman Manufacturing Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing and supply of industrial ovens. Get in touch with us today to discover the wide range of products.