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3 Clear Signs It's Time to Replace The Hoist Lines

3 Clear Signs It's Time to Replace The Hoist Lines

Hoist lines are one of the most important components in any manufacturing unit. Automated or manually operated, they play an important role in speeding up the manufacturing process. Having the perfect hoist line that suits the size and nature of your manufacturing unit is a necessity. They help save time, increase productivity, and maximize profit.

To guarantee high efficiency and optimal production capacity, replacing hoist lines from time to time is required. Although it is possible to extend the life of hoist lines by proper maintenance, sometimes it just makes more sense to replace them entirely to ensure unhindered manufacturing. 

Here are three signs indicating it is time to get your hoist lines replaced:

Frequent and unexpected failures

If your production comes to a halt time and again due to unexpected failure of the hoist lines, it is fair to assume that their replacement is due. Sometimes, everything might look alright on the exterior but underlying problems could still cause frequent and unexpected failures.

Decreased performance

A trained and experienced operator can tell when the performance of the hoist lines begins to diminish. Everything from the weight of the object being lifted to the speed at which it is being transported decreases. When this happens, it is best to replace the lines with newer ones. 

Been in use for a decade or more

As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to replace the hoist lines if they have been in use for ten years or more. This is not always mandatory but is highly recommended due to the following reasons.

  • Wear and tear - Continuous usage for years will have significantly slowed down their performance.
  • Outdated technology - Availability of new technology that ensures faster functioning is one of the main reasons you should replace hoist lines every 10 years.

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